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With IntroLend’s advanced technology and world class real-estate-finance team we have developed a proactive approach to the lending phase of your home buying experience – making it easier and more organized for all of the parties within the transaction to work together in a cohesive and elegant experience.

We’ve been helping customers finance the home of their dreams for many years and we love what we do.

At Central Valley Home Lending our mission is to greatly simplify the application, pre-approval and shopping phase of the housing finance process. Core to our value and services is to ensure that every client receives a competitive bid from multiple local and top-ranked mortgage and personal finance professionals.

The home buying experience should be fun, exciting, predictable and seamless - meeting all of your home buying finance and ancillary needs

To some this goal may seem like magic. To all of us at Central Valley Home Lending it’s just another day at the office. We are excited for the opportunity to help you make fond memories of the home buying experience.

Our mission

Your Pathway to Homeownership

At Central Valley Home Lending, we are passionate about simplifying your path to homeownership. Our mission at IntroLend is to streamline the housing finance process, ensuring you receive competitive bids from top professionals. With advanced technology and a dedicated team, we make the home buying experience fun, exciting, and seamless. Let us help you create fond memories of your home buying journey.

Sarah H.

I was initially overwhelmed by the mortgage process, but IntroLend™ turned it into a seamless journey. Their competitive offerings and responsive service made all the difference. Highly recommended!

David R.

Central Valley Home Lending exceeded my expectations. Their commission-free experts provided invaluable guidance throughout the process. Thanks to them, I now have the home I've always dreamed of.

John and Mary S.

IntroLend™ made our home buying experience a breeze. Their team's dedication and expertise secured us an excellent mortgage rate. We couldn't be happier with our new home!

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